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A Legendary Chapter Concludes, and Nanchang, the "City of Heroes," Moves Forward Unstoppably in 2025!


A Legendary Chapter Concludes, and Nanchang, the "City of Heroes," Moves Forward Unstoppably in 2025!


On May 26, the 2024 (41st) China International Sporting Goods Show (hereinafter referred to as the "China Sport Show") successfully concluded at the Western China International Expo City in Chengdu. This sixth encounter between the China Sports Expo and Chengdu culminated in a grand finale, marked by highlights such as large-scale expansion, the internationalization of manufacturing, fitness for health promotion, and the rise of emerging manufacturing industries.

China Sport Show 2024

Entering 2024 China Sport Show, long-forgotten "Show Memories" were rekindled one by one: from singular to comprehensive, from immature to mature, the overall development of China Sport Show and the Chinese sporting goods manufacturing industry is vividly visible.


In the past, manufacturing was the foundation, and the industry's demands focused primarily on product quality control and functional research. Now, "deindustrialization" and service upgrades have become crucial tasks for industry transformation. In the future, the "circle effect" triggered by Smart Manufacturing 2025 is certain to create significant waves.

China Sport Show 2025

Picture China Sport Show 2024 CSS Trends Announcement and Exhibition Event

Will the rapid evolution of smart and digital trends reshuffle the current market? Through the showcase of high-tech products at 2024 China Sport Show, the industry's transition from manufacturing to smart manufacturing and creation is a recurring and ongoing "narrative."


Although the story of 2024 China Sport Show in Chengdu" has temporarily concluded, China Sport Show's journey never stops. It will continue to measure the industry's development with a professional touch.

CSS Trends

PictureAward Ceremony of China Sport Show 2024 Innovation Excellence Awards

o, which city will host China Sport Show 2025? This question, which has recently garnered significant attention from the industry, has been thoroughly considered by the organizing committee. After evaluating factors such as location, exhibition conditions, and the current development of the local sports industry, it has been decided that China Sport Show 2025  will be held in Nanchang.

China Sport Show 2024

Indeed, as the saying goes, "He who has not climbed the Great Wall is not a true man." Similarly, how can one compete and demonstrate their prowess in the sporting goods industry without visiting Nanchang, the "City of Heroes"?

In 2025, we warmly welcome all heroes to join hands with the China Sport Show organizing committee and gather in the "City of Heroes" - Nanchang!